WeTNR: We Educate Trap Neuter Return


It all started when...

Yoga4Cats won the Young Philanthropists Giving Circle’s yearly grant. This year, the YPGC hosted a pitch party and let the audience decide which of the five nonprofit pitches should win the $5,000 grant. Other presenters included Big Brothers Big Sisters, Decatur Park District, MRI and Northeast Community Fund.
With the $5,000, Yoga4Cats will be able to implement their proposed WeTNR (We Educate Trap Neuter Return) program and fund it completely for 2 years.
Through WeTNR, Yoga4Cats will educate the community on stray and feral cats as well as the benefits of trap, neuter, return. The group will also provide hands on assistance with trapping, adoption assessments and, if the cats qualify, placement into a foster home. Within the two years funded by this grant, Yoga4Cats projects they can trap 70 cats, which in turn, will prevent over 10,000 kittens from being born.


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